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Easy English....2

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Phrasal verbs
A verb can combine with an adverb or preposition.
verb + adverb = phrasal verb
verb + preposition = prepositional verb
The meaning of phrasal verb is often very different from the meanings of the two words taken separately.
There are phrasal verb with an idiomatic meaning.

  1. come about = happen
  2. give up = abandon
  3. look for = search for, seek
  • It came about in the way.
  • I have given up the habit of smoking
  • He is looking for his pen.
Now we can bi-heart some preposition & adverbs
Put aside = save for future
Put away = put in the usual place
Put back = replace
Put down = place down
Put forth = exert
Put forward = offer for consideration
Put in = make a claim
Put off =  postpone
Put on = wear
Put out = cause to stop burning
Put up = erect
There are many combination and various meaning for these words.I give you only one meaning. please find the other meaning from dictionary. 

Exercise - 1

  1. I have decided to ________ my visit to Mysore.
  2. The suggestions ________ by you are not at all accepted.
  3. Every month I _________ a portion of my salary.
  4. As he lost his bag during the journey, he ________a claim for compensation.
  5. He _______ a small outhouse for accommodation the gusts.

  1. put off
  2. put forward
  3. put aside
  4. put in
  5. put up

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