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Foreign Words and its Meanings

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•AIias (Latin)- otherwise, at another time.
•Agenda (Latin) - things to be done.
•Anno Domini - In the yearof our Lord. ,
•Aide - de - Camp (French) - Field Assistant,MiIitary Assistant.
•Ad va Iorem - According to value.
•Bona fide - Genuine,in good faith.
•Beaumonde (French) - high society
•Carte blanche — Full discretionary powers.
•Coup d’etat - An abrupt change of force.
•Chanteuse (French) - Female singer.
•Dies non - A day on which no legal business is done.
•Demarsche (French) - Diplomatic approach.
•Double entendre (French) - Expression with double meaning.
•Ex - Officio — By virtue of one’s office.
•Ex - Gratia — As an act of grace. 
•Faux pas - A false step,An embrassing error.
•Laissez - faire - A policy of non - interference bythe state.
•Locus standi - Right to interfere.
•Pari passu - With equal pace.
•Pro forma - for the sake of form.
•Prima facie - on the very first view.
•Sine die - withoutany definite date.
•Status quo - As it was in the beginning.

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