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Secretariat Assistant Examination 2015 Answer Key of English Grammer

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1. Change the sentence into passive voice " Manners revel true character"
Answer :- True character is revealed by manner

2. Replace the underlined phrase with one word : " I did not expect such childish talk from a grpw-up man" (
A] Tamper
B] Prattle
C] Ridicule
D] Stammer
Answer :- Prattle

3. Fill in the blanks with a suitable idiom : " The policeman came to my house and accused me of stealing a necklace but I told them that they were ______
Answer :- Barking up the wrong trees

4.  Fill in the balk space with a suitable word : The Global Positioning System (GPS) helps us to ____
Answer :- Navigate

5. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles : Can I have _____ omlette and ____ apple with my tea.
Answer :- an, an

6. Correct the following sentence : " No newses are good newses"
Answer :- No news is good news

7. The masculin gender of 'Duck' is?
Answer :- Drake

8. Pick out the adjective from the following sentence : " Neha comes here everyday."
Answer :- Every

9. Fill in the suitable comparative form of the adjective : "Have you heard the ......"
A] late
b] Later
C] laytest
D] Lated
Answer :- Every

10. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition :- My mother told me ______ never cry _____ spilt milk.
Answer :- to, over
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