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General English Set - 04

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1. 'A bone of contention' means
(a) a critical test
(b) a cause of quarrel
(c) a misfit person
(d)none of this

2. It is high time we ....... a job.

(a) get
(b) got
(c) have got
(d) had got

3.This is the first time I ...... a car

(a) drive
(b) am driving
(c) have driven
(d) had driven

4. You had better ...... a doctor.

(a) consult
(b) to consult
(c) to have consult
(d) none of this

5. I would rather you ...... with me.

(a) come
(b) came
(c) have come
(d) had come

6. Walk fast lest you ..... miss the train.

(a) should
(b) might
(c) may
(d) shall

7. She helped me ..... the floor.
(a) to clean

(b) cleaning
(c) clean
(d) cleaned

8. Would you mind my ..... a cigarette?

(a) smoking
(b) smoke
(c) to smoke
(d) smoked

9. She insisted on ..... a new computer.

(a) buy
(b) to buy
(c) buying
(d) buys

10. Would you like ...... a cigarette?

(a) smoke
(b) to smoke
(c) smoking
(d) smoked

11.I can't fancy ..... there.
(a) go

(b) to go
(c) going
(d) none of this

12. Had you driven carefully ........

(a) the accident would have happened
(b) the accident would not happen
(c) the accident would not have happened
(d)none of this

13. Hardly had Mary reached home..... the rain started.

(a) when
(b) then
(c) than
(d) while

14. No sooner did Mary reached home ...... the rain started.

(a) when
(b) then
(c) than
(d)  while

15. As soon as Mary reached home, it .....

(a) rain
(b) rains
(c) will rain
(d) would rain

16. 'Gamophobiya' means

(a) fear of women
(b) fear of marriage
(c) love for marriage
(d) none of this

17. Please put out the candle. Here 'put out' means.

(a) stay
(b) tolerate
(c) extinguish
(d) submit

18. the opposit of 'Zenith' is

(a) acme
(b) peak
(c) nadir
(d) hell

19. 'Artiste' means

(a) an expert in fine art
(b) an expert in performing art
(c) an artful person
(d) none of this

20. 'Artful' means

(a) innocent
(b) intelligent
(c) cunning
(d) none of this

  1. (b) a cause of quarrel
  2. (b) got
  3. (c) have driven
  4. (a) consult
  5. (b) came
  6. (a) should
  7. (c) clean
  8. (a) smoking
  9. (c) buying
  10. (b) to smoke
  11. (c) going
  12. (c) the accident would not have happened
  13. (a) when
  14. (c) than
  15. (c) will rain
  16. (b) fear of marriage
  17. (c) extinguish
  18. (c) nadir
  19. (b) an expert in performing art
  20. (c) cunning

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