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Access :- Way in, Entrance
Eg :- The access to the school is from a narrow lane.
Excess :- The amount by which something is greater/ more than the normal.
Eg :- There was an excess of imports over exports
Adapt :- To make suitable for a new need by adjusting.
Eg :- We must adapt ourselves to new surroundings.
Adept :- Expert
Eg :- He is an adept in Photography
Allusion :- Indirect reference.
Eg :- His writings are full of obscure allusions.
Illusion :- A false idea or conception.
Eg :- She is under the illusion that she is beautiful. 
Amble :- Ride or walk at a slow, leisurely pace.
Eg :- The ambled along the three hours and reached the valley.
Ample :- Abundant, large in size, spacious more than enough etc.
Eg :- There is ample time to finish the work.
Amend :- To improve, to change slightly.
Eg :- They have amended the law.
Emend :- To correct an error.
Eg :- I have emended certain stanzas in the room.
Assent :- Agreement.
Eg :- The Principal gave hiss assent to the suggestions.
Ascent :- Way up. 
Eg :- The ascent throught the slippery way is difficult.
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