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1. Callous x Soft
2 Calm x tempestuous
3. Candid x Secretive
4. Capacious x Confining
5. Capital xtrivial
6. Capricious x steadfast
7. Captious x tolerent
8. Captivate x repel
9. Carnal x Spiritual
10. Carnivorous x Vegetarian
11. Carousal x Sobriety
12. Carping x acquiescent
13. Carte blanche x restriction
14. Catholic x narrow - minded
15. Caustic x pleasing
16. Celestial x earthly
17. Celibate x married
18. Centrifugal x Centripetal
19. Ceremonial x informal
20. Cessation x beginning
21. Chatting x Serious
22. Chaotic x Systematic
23. Charitable x Selfish
24. Chaste x immoral
25. Cherish x neglect
26. Chide x Praise
27. Chimerical x real
28. Chivalrous x rude
29. Choleric x Pwegmatic
30. Churlish x Courteous

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