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PSC English Grammar Questions - 01

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1. A subsequent edition _____ in 1976.
(a) has been published
(b) was published
(c) had been published
(d) was being published

2. A great deal of money _____ on repairs.
(a) were spent
(b) were being spent
(c) have been spent
(d) has been spent

3. ‘The tempest’ is supposed to be Shakespeare’s swan song (meaning of the phrase underlined).
(a) last achievement
(b) chief work
(c) most popular work
(d) most interesting work

4. There is no cure _____ common cold.
(a) of
(b) to
(c) from
(d) for

5. I am too tired to help you (Use so …that).
(a) So that I am tired I cannot help you
(b) I am too tired so that I cannot help you
(c) I am tired so that I cannot help you
(d) I am so tired that I cannot help you

1 (b) 2(d) 3 (a) 4 (d) 5(d)
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