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Kerala PSC Block Panchayath Secretary Answer Key 2015 July 4

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Kerala Public Service Commission Panchayath Secretary in Rural Department Previous Question Paper. This Examination is held on 04 July 2015 by Public Service Commission in Various Centers Around Kerala. Please Read the following Question and Score More Mark in Your Upcomming Examination Of Kerala Public Service Commission.

91. Identify the sentence which is in passive voice?
A] The boy is climbing the cliff.
B] They made him king.
C] They painted the house red.
D] Alice was not much surprised at this.
92. Pick out the sentence which is gramatically correct?
A] One should not waste his time.
B] The boy who does best he will get a prize.
C] I asked for his book, but he did not lend me.
D] He has been studying hard for the last two weeks.
93. Find the word which is not a synonym of 'Modest'?
A] Intelligent
B] Shy
C] Silence
D] Timid
94. Give one word substitute for "things of different nature"
A] Homogeneous
B] Uniform
C] Heterogeneous
D] Compatible
95. Complet the following sentence using an appropriate adjective :- He is the _____ member of the club.
A] eldest
B] old
C] oldest
D] elder
96. Find the other gender of 'Horse'?
A] mare
B] rooster
C] mule
97. Fill in the blans using an article :- I went to ___ hospital to see my uncle.
A] a
B] an
C] the
D] some
98. In the following sentence, supply a verb in aggrement with its subject :- Neither food nor water ____ to be found there.
A] were
B] was
C] are
D] have
99. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition : My friends stoop ___ me during my difficult times.
A] beside
B] by
C] amoung
D] over
100. Bring out the meaning of the idiom in the following sentence :- We shall fight tooth and nail for our rights.
A] with all our power
B] using tooth and nail
C] peacefully
D] without soldiers
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