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46. She returned from Australia _____ air this morning.
a) in b) by c) on d) through

47. The fragrance of the flower is still _____ the air.
a) in b) on c) by d) above

48. Go slow, cable men are _____ work.
a) in b) on c) by d) at

49. Don't make noise they are engrossed _____ work.
a) in b) at c) on d) by

50. Our teacher is weak _____ English.
a) at b) by c) on d) in

51. The Prime Minister left for The USA_____ the evening of 10 March 2015.
a) in b) by c) on d) at

52. Complaint book is available_____ the Station Master.
a) with b) by c) at d) on

53. I spoke to my wife_____ phone.
a) by b) over c) through d) in

54. The siblings quarreled_____ the property.
a) by b) with c) over d) for

55. She quarrels_____ my mother in law every day.
a) over b) on c) by d) with
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48. d ('at' precedes work but if the words 'immersed, engrossed, or absorbed come before work the preposition is 'in'(He is absorbed in work))
49. a
50. d (poor and weak 'in' but normally the skill related words like 'good, bad, excellent, expert, adept, clever take 'at'-))
51. c (in the morning, evening, at noon, at night, but a date is denoted it becomes 'on' the Fore/after noon of ...)
52. a
53. b ( the preposition 'on' goes with all the eletcronic media but on/over can be used with phone)
54.c (quarrel 'over' something but 'with' somebody)
55. d
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