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36. Sheila is known _____ all in the locality.
a) for b) by c) to d) with

37. Kamala Das was known_____ her confessional writing.
a) to b) for c) by d) in

38. The Government is going slow _____ tax reform.
a) in b) at c) by d) on

39. She is slow _____ replying to the correspondence.
a) to b) for c) in d) on

40. Belinda is blind _____ her left eye by birth.
a) in b) at c) on d) by

41. His father was blind _____ his misconduct.
a) in b) to c) with d) at

42. I used to go to school ___foot.
a) by b) in c) on d) with

43. Children prefer travelling _____ the Rickshaw.
a) in b) by c) with d) on

44. We toured Wayanad _____ a bus last week.
a) in b) by c) on d) through

45. She delivered a talk _____ Indian Economics on the AIR.
a) on b) in c) by d) over
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40.a ('in' denotes as an impairment 'to' shows negligence)
44.c ('on' precedes bigger vehicles like Plane, Train, Ship, Bus with articles, 'in' precedes smaller vehicles like taxi, Car, Auto with articles. 'by' precedes all the vehicles without articles, but 'go on foot'-)
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