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26. He died _____ a severe head injury.
a) on b) of c) from d) with

27. The cat entered _____ the room through the window.
a) in b) into c) out d) no preposition

28. India and America entered _____ a Nuclear agreement.
a) into b) in c) with d) by

29. You are liable _____ the damage of the properties.
a) with b) to c) in d) for

30. You are liable _____ pay the income tax.
a) for b) to c) in d) of

31. Mother Theresa was popular _____ her philanthropic works.
a) with b) about c) for d) at

32. Michael Jackson will ever be popular _____ the lovers of music.
a) for b) by c) among d) with

33. Martin lives _____ England.
a) at b) in c) on d) near

34. Shakespeare lived _____ Stratford on Avon_____ England.
a) in , at b) on, by c) at, in d) at, by

35. Keralites mainly live ___ rice.
a) in b) on c) by d) with
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DO You Know The Answer ? If Do so please write and Check out Your answer with the Following answer

26. c
27.d ('enter' takes no preposition while denoting movement or direction, but 'enter into' means sign a contract or agreement)
28. a
29. d (responsible for)
30. b (supposed to by law)
31. c (noted for a special quality)
32. d (known to all fans)
33. b
34. c (while referring to two places at a time 'at' precedes the smaller one and 'in' precedes the bigger one.)
35. b (depend on as food)
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