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16. The parents are to answer _____ the misconduct of the child.
a) to b) for c) on d) by

17. The Minister didn't answer _____ the queries of the media persons.
a) for b) by c) to d) on

18. Her voice is very familiar _____ him.
a) with b) to c) in d) of

19. She is familiar _____ the operation of all the gadgets.
a) to b) by c) with d) at

20. This cement marries well _____ the paste.
a) to b) with c) by d) on

21. She was charged _____ a murder case.
a) of b) with c) by d) on

22. They were married _____ a local holy man.
a) to b) with c) by d) at

23. I dreamed _____ a plane crash last night.
a) of b) with c) off d) about

24. Hi, Jane what are you dreaming _____ ?
a) about b) on c) of d) at

25. The old woman died _____ pneumonia.
a) of b) by c) on d) from
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16. b ( answer for means be responsible for something, answer to a question)
17. c
18. b ( familiar to somebody, familiar with something)
19. c
20. b (marry something with something, marry somebody to somebody, 'by' in the presence of a priest or pujari)
21. b
22. c
23. d (dream 'about' something while sleeping, dream 'of' means think of)
24. c
25. a (die 'of' a disease, die 'from' an injury)
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