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11. This seminar is concerned _____ effective parenting.
a) by b) with c) about d) in

12. This book consists_____ 120 pages.
a) in b) by c) at d) of

13. Happiness consists _____ pleasure. a) of b) in c) with d) by 14. Don't be angry _____ me.
a) on b) with c) about d) at

15. She was angry _____ his smoking habit.
a) at b) with c) by d) in
DO You Know The Answer ? If Do so please write and Check out Your answer with the Following answer

11. b
12. d (consist takes two prepositions (of and in) 'of' shows a temporary arrangement like This class consists of 50 students. 'in' expresses inseparable ideas)
13. b
14.b (angry with a person. Angry at/about something)
15. a
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