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6. A doctor has to deal _____ different kinds of patients.
a) With
b) to
c) of
d) in

7. Physics deals_____ the properties of matter.
a) at
b) by
c) with
d) on

8. Sankar deals _____ Electronic goods.
a) by
b) in
c) on
d) with

9. Monkeys live _____ trees.
a) over
b) on
c) in
d) under

10. The Health Department is concerned _____ the spread of Swine Flu.
a) about
b) over
c) with
d) by
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6. a (deal normally takes two preposition(with, in) 'with' persons and facts, 'in' business or materials)
7. c
8. b
9.c (Monkey is an arboreal(living in water or I live in a village. But The monkey is sitting on the branch of the tree)
10.a (concern takes two prepositions(about, with). 'about' expresses anxiety or worries, 'with' merely means related with)
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