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LDC 1 July 2017 Solved Question Paper 2017 - 3

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11. He will certainly help the poor boy. (Change into passive Voice)
A] The poor boy will helped by him.
B] The poor boy will be helped by him.
C] The poor boy will have helped by him.
D] The poor boy would be helped by him.
Answer:- The poor boy will be helped by him.

12. [a] Of the two/ [b] pens, the red / [c] one is / [d] the best
A] a
B] b
C] c
D] d
Answer:- d
13. Pick out the correctly spelt word.
A] anaesthesia
B] anasthesia
C] anesthesia
D] anasthasia
Answer:- anesthesia

14. The idiom 'Swan song' means
A] A musical performance
B] The last public performance of an artist or athlete
C] Song of a swan
D] First public performance of an artist of athelete
Answer:- The last public performance of an artist or athlete

15. Synonym of 'dismal'
A] Cheerful
B] Happy
C] Gloomy
D] Thoughtful
Answer:- Gloomy
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