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Easy English....4

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Phrasal Verbs:
Break out : start suddenly
Break up : smash, demolish, disperse
Break in : enter by force
Break off : stop speaking
Break down : failure in machinery, collapse
Break with : end a friendship
Exercise - 1
Put in the correct phrasal verbs

  1. I was going to Calicut by bus but it ........... on the way.
  2. The first world war ________ in 1914.
  3. He was lecturing on a particular subject but _______ in the middle.
  4. He has been my intimate friend for many years but recently I _____ him.
  5. At the time of questioning by police, the thief ________.
  6. The police ________ and arrested the culprit.
  7. They have decided to ______ the wooden table because it was in a bed condition.
  8. A fire ______ during the night.
  9. When the crowed became unruly the police____ the meeting.
Exercise - 2
Put in the appropriate article
  1. What beautiful flower it is!
  2. My friend has become man of the match.
  3. Everyday I see old man sitting on the road side.
  4. Ramayana tells us the story of Sree Rama.
  5. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala.
Exercise - 3

  1. She likes swimming.(write the negative)
  2. How tall he is! (change into assertive)
  3. Ramesh is the most intelligent boy in the class.(write the comparative degree)
  4. My friend wrote a short story.(passive voice)
  5. He is lecturing for the last two hours.(correct the mistake)
 Exercise - 4

  1. He is getting ready,_________? (add the tag question)
  2. I have seen the queen of song M.S in 1975.(correct the mistake)
  3. If you had asked him, he ______ you the money. ( add a conditional clues using the verb 'give')
  4. He is a teacher.(Write the plural form of the sentence)
Exercise - 1
  1. broke down
  2. broke out
  3. broke off
  4. broke with
  5. broke down
  6. broke in
  7. break up
  8. broke out
  9. broke up
Exercise - 2
  1. a beautiful
  2. the man
  3. an old man
  4. the Ramayana
  5. the capital
Exercise - 3
  1. She does not like swimming.
  2. He is very tall.
  3. Ramesh is more intelligent than all other boys in the class.
  4. A short story was written by my friend.
  5. He has been lecturing for the last two hours.
Exercise - 4
  1. Isn't he?
  2. I saw the queen....
  3. He would have given....
  4. They are teachers.

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