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LDC Kollam 2013 English Questions - 1

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LDC Kollam 2013
Exam Date :- 23-11-2013 2 Pm to 3.15 Pm
1. "The moon shines at night" is an example of :
A] imperative sentence
B] interrogative sentence
C] declarative sentence
D] exclamatory senetence

2. "Rama and Krisha are brothers". In this sentence and is :

A] Conjunction
B] Interjection
C] Pronoun
D] Adjective

3. The passive voice of "People speak English all over the world" is :

A] English was spoken all over the world
B] English is spoken all over the world
C] English has spoken all over the world
D] English had spoken all over the world

4. The reported speech of "He said, I have done my home work" is:

A] He said that he has done his home work
B] He said that he was done his home work
C] He said that he has been done his home work
D] He said that he had done his home work

5. Pick out the singular form from the given words:

A] stadia
B] data
C] criteria
D] radius

6. Which of the following is a one word for "the custom of having only one wife"?

A] Polygamy
B] Monogamy
C] Bigamy
D] Bachelor

7. The word nearest in meaning to the word 'endeavour" is :

A] attempt
B] debate
C] expand
D] disclose

8. Which of the following is a word opposite in meaning to the word 'amateur'?

A] artificial
B] rough
C] professional
D] selfish

9. Choose the incorrectly spelt word:
A] recommend
B] reccommend
C] vacation
D] psychology

10. In the following sentence there is an error. Identyfy the part marked [A],[B],[C] and [D] 

A] would you mind to tell me
B] what you were doing
C] after you completed
D] your studies

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